a quiet and cloudy Monday

When we sat down for our meeting this morning, EY said: Miss R, I’m tired.
XT said: I’m tired too, EY.
And that’s the kind of Monday we’ve had. Slow and quiet and low key.

So Miss R decided to ask us what we did over the weekend, we thought that was kind of cool…here’s what we had to say:

VS: Played with my mommy. And I didn’t sleep at my home.
LJ: I played with my mommy and my “brudder” (Robyn loves this!) and my daddy. And my mommy got sick cause my mommy went to the doctor. (We hope you feel better, LJ’s Mommy!)
ZB: I played with…I don’t know where Rocky is…I played with trains and I played with some TRACKS!
CA: I played outside at my front yard and my side at my house. I just ride on a train with my papa last night. I played with my brother.
JK: I didn’t sleep last weekend. I played with Jackson.
KR: I played with Mommy. I was playing with Mommy at the park. I go to swim class.
JH: I just played with Mommy with cards. I got the cards out and the dinosaurs and the dollhouse. I went to baseball with my mommy and daddy and Tyler.
TP-W: Mommy’s not here. Charlize is my baby sister and she is sleeping. I’m at school.
EY: I sleep. I went to the fair. I went on the big slide and the around thing. Mommy wanted to go on the thing that turns blue and green and red. I wanted to go on the around thing.
XT: I slept. Then I woke up and got out of bed and wend downstairs to brush my teeth. I played with my mommy. I played soccer. I went to my T ball practice.

Sounds like we all had super fun and sort of busy weekends!

Miss R read us stories when we came back inside from the playground and we were happy to be snuggled up on the couch with books on this cloudy morning.


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