we’re getting the band back together (wait? what?)

Something VERY tricky is happening in Sound Stage today!
BOTH Miss J AND Miss R are in the classroom together!
We sure have loved all the great help from other teachers while Miss R was out letting her foot heal, and Miss J had family stuff she needed to do, but we are SUPER HAPPY that we are all back together in one place again! We are a school family, and we need BOTH Miss J and Miss R to make our family feel just right.

Miss A, the Art Studio teacher isn’t here today, our friend CP came to play and learn with us today! CP fits in with Sound Stage friends so well, we sure would love to keep him…but we can’t…so we’re just going to enjoy spending the whole day with him today!

We have two new friends in our classroom! How cool is that?
KR and ZB join our school family from the Adventurers class. Welcome, ZB and KR, we’re so happy you’re here with us!

We tried to get it together at meeting time this morning, but we just couldn’t quite make it happen, so instead of talking about our books, we talked about the calendar.
Did you know tomorrow is the first day of October?!?
Did you know Halloween is at the very END of October?
We know both of these important things! And, WOW! Are we excited!

Here are some of the things we had to say about Halloween:
XT: At home, you cannot eat all the candy.
JH: I got pumpkins at my house.
VS: Mommy and Daddy say you don’t eat all the candy because it can make your tummy feel sick. (XT agreed.)
CP: I have pumpkin M & M’s
LJ: Me too!
ZB: Me too!
SS: I have happy birthday M & M’s

What are you going to be for Halloween?
LJ: Be a monster!
ZB: I’m going to make a train.
SS: I’m going to be Anna.
To which VS said: Boys cant be girls.
Then Miss R said: No, boys can’t be girls because they’re boys, but sometimes boys can use costumes to dress up as girls.
KR: I’m going to be a witch.
RG: Astronaut!
XT: A dinosaur! (With his hands up and a little rawr at the end.)
CP: A ninja turtle.
Miss R asked: Which one?
CP replied: Leonardo.
JH: A witch!
JK: Um…Anna!
JM: Anna.
EY: A mermaid.
VS: Um…Anna.
CS: I’m going to be Elsa.
Miss J: A minion, I think.
Miss R: I think I’m going to be a fairy.

We also talked about how we miss DA.
Violet said: I miss DA. Lots of us agreed with her.
And then Miss R said: I miss DA too!
And Miss J said: Me too!
We talked about how he is in Florida with his daddy and his grandmother and having fun playing at the beach.
We hope you’re having SO MUCH FUN, DA, but we miss you and want you to come home soon!

We also had sad news during our meeting. JM is leaving our classroom and our school. We are very sad to miss our friend. Here’s what we had to say about that:
VS: When JM leaves, he’s going to see his friends and he’s going to be a teacher.
EY: Where are you going JM?
JK: I go choo choo trains.
XT: I’ll miss you, JM.
CP: I love you, JM.
XT: Me too!
RG: Me too!

So we are missing one of our friends and we will be missing one of our friends. And that makes us sad…BUT…we know JM will be happy as he finds new adventures, and DA will come back to school next week.
We have two new friends to play and learn with!

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