time is on our side

Since Miss R had surgery and wasn’t at school for a bit while her foot gets better we decided we needed more time to finish brainstorming ideas for our books. We also decided we needed more time to write and illustrate them. This means we’re going to take a little bit more time in the next week or so to finish getting all our ideas together, start our pictures and have Miss J and Miss R help us start writing the stories. We just need more time!

Miss R says that’s what emergent curriculum is…letting it go at it’s own pace…we are invested in this project, kids and teachers, and we don’t want to rush it, we want to make sure we really understand and enjoy the process, not just hurry up so we have finished books.
It’s a project.
A process.
One we’re all excited about so we want to make sure we use all the time we need to do it right.

We talked quite a little bit about out books this morning again, and our new friends began brainstorming for ideas about their stories.
Some of us absolutely did not want to share our ideas, so Miss J and Miss R have told these friends they can talk to just Miss J or Miss R about their ideas and don’t have to share them during meeting. We hope our friends decide to share their ideas so they can learn how to make their own books too!

We are almost ready for our library cards…we can hardly wait to be able to go to the tree house library EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

Our fascination with Autumn and Halloween will most likely lead the way when it comes to our unit of study for the rest of October (once we finish our books and get our library cards) guess we’ll just wait and see.

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