goodbye JM

We will miss you, JM.
We’re so happy you’re our friend.

At meeting this morning, Miss R asked: What is today?
JH: Monday!
Miss R: Well, actually it’s Thursday.
Miss J asked: What’s special about today for JM?
XT: Oh! It’s JM’s last day!

What would we like to say to or about JM?
SS: I love JM, Miss R.
XT: I’m going to give him my toy Douglas. He’s a cow.
RG: I want to tell JM thank you for being my friend.
EY: Where are you going JM?
JM: In the pictures.
EY: Where?
JM: In the pictures!
AG: JM is my friend.
JK: I want to give JM a hug!
VS: I’m going to give my toy…I’m going to give him a hug!
JH: I want to give JM my dollhouse.
SS: I love JM.
XT: I’m going to miss JM.
ZB: Um…uh…a choo choo train.
JM: I miss my friends.

We’re going to miss you too, JM.
We send you so much love and so many hugs as you leave our school family.


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