We are authors!!

Well, almost.
We moved from brainstorming into actual story telling! What that means is told our stories to Miss R and she wrote them down. She said we were “dictating” to her.
She read back to us what we said our stories were going to be about to remind us and then we built on them from there. We gave our characters names. We had our characters doing specific actions. We made some changes to our original ideas. We created more action and even some dialogue. (Miss R said that means our characters are talking.)

We were VERY excited when it was our turn to talk about our stories, but it was REALLY hard to be patient while our friends were telling their stories, but we worked really hard to be respectful and Miss R said she was VERY proud of us!

Only half of us were able to tell our stories before it was time to go outside so we’re going to do it again tomorrow. More practice at being patient and respectful.

Once all the stories are told, then we’re going to begin writing in our books and drawing our pictures.
In case you don’t remember, this is the last step before we get our library cards!!! We are SO EXCITED!!!


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