cold and rainy Tuesday

We were VERY busy this morning in Sound Stage! We used our colorful tweezers to examine seashells and glass beads. JH and EY figured a way to pass the shells back and forth between two pairs of tweezers! XT, SS, JK, and RG sorted the shells by size, color, and by whether or not they were broken.
DA and LJ used the interlocking circle wheels to build noisy vehicles. JH built a flat surface with the wheels and declared it a boat.
We built castles and a “dance party” with magnets, and built icy places for penguins to swim, slide and play. We read I Spy books to each other and worked really hard to find objects hiding on the pages.
We even pretended we were horses and the cave was our barn!
What a productive morning we had!

Miss K came for art class today! She showed us a SUPER COOL new way to paint! We squirted paint onto our paper and then we used papertowel rolls with a long stick inside to roll back and forth over our paper to spread the paint!
We LOVED this new art project!

After we finished with art, we had just enough time for three of us to tell Miss J and Miss R our actual stories before it was time to go outside and play! BUT…it was cold and started to rain while we were outside, so we had to come back in.
So we cuddled up on the couch and read books until it was time for lunch.
When we wake up from our naps, we’re going to share more of our stories so we can begin writing and illustrating them faster!


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