recognizing letters…sort of

We “wrote notes” and colored pictures this morning!
We’re beginning to figure out letters…just beginning to figure them out. It’s pretty cool because some of us can spell our names, can recognize letters in our own names and our friends names! Some of us have no letter recognition, but we’re starting to get the idea! Pretty soon we’re going to be name writers to go along with our book writing!

Miss J shared her favorite books with us this morning! We were SO excited! One was about a boy who is a baby and his mommy rocks him and loves him. Our favorite part was when he flushes a watch down the toilet! Miss J and Miss R made sure we know we’re not supposed to flush things down the toilet. One of the stories has a bunny that reads to you! How cool is that!?! Miss J said it’s baby L’s favorite book, but she thinks it’s only because of the bunny.

We were able to tell Miss R how we’re going to write our books after we came in from outside. Even those of us who haven’t wanted to share were ready to come stand very close to Miss R and tell her our stories. Miss J and Miss R think each of us (that are here this week) have finished our story telling enough for us to begin the writing and illustrating!! We are SO excited! Because our books are going to be so cool and we’ve had so much fun working on them, but also because once we finish our books…we will get our library cards!

WOOOOO HOOOOO! Treehouse Library, here we come!


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