fun bucket

We got to choose items from the fun bucket today!

There was a great big accident in the bathroom and BOTH Miss J and Miss R had to clean the entire bathroom, so (another) Miss J came and took us to Art Studio to go to the potty while ours was being cleaned. When we came back, Miss R told us we could play with the costumes on the stage as long as we hung them back up by ourselves.
So while Miss J finished cleaning the bathroom (Miss R’s scooter was more trouble than help after a while.) and Miss R began to get our lunch ready, we played dress up and danced and were VERY dramatic on the stage. When Miss R told us it was time to clean up, we ALL worked really hard and worked together to clean up all the costumes and accessories! When we had trouble with a hanger, we asked Miss R for help and we were able to get EVERYTHING cleaned up!
Miss R said she was SO proud of us for playing so well and working so hard and being such good direction followers!
THEN Miss J and Miss R brought out the fun bucket so we could choose an item to keep at home! Wait till you see!!

That wasn’t everything we did, but it was the best and most fun thing!

This morning we were working on our letters. Using soft reddish colored clay, we were able to create “snakes” and build letters! It was actually pretty cool! Some of us made a lot of teeny little snakes and used them together to make letters, some of us rolled out great big snakes to make letters, and one of us even made a “pizza” to fill in the whole middle of the letter O!

We understand that some of you might be confused when we talk about our letters. Some of us have just turned three and are just starting with letter recognition, and some of us are older threes and already know how to spell our own names and recognize LOTS of letters. So when we start talking about learning letters, you mommies and daddies might get confused. You might think that the ones of us who know our letters are not getting what we need. Or you might think that the ones of us who don’t know our letters should hurry up and be where our friends are. But that’s not how it really goes in Sound Stage. We are each challenged at the place we belong.
Please remember that Miss J and Miss R know what’s up and have made sure we are doing developmentally appropriate activities no matter where we are when it comes to letters.

But even more than that, remember we got to choose items from the FUN BUCKET today because we are AWESOME helpers!!!


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