what happens in Sound Stage stays in Sound Stage

We have had a very quiet morning on this cold and rainy Friday.
It’s one of those days when only a handful of us came to school, so this morning was VERY mellow, we were pretty math-y with dice and cards at one table and large and small square tiles at the other table. Before you worry that Miss R is teaching us to count cards, or preparing us to be future card dealers in Vegas, we want you to know that we think cards and dice are a SUPER cool way to learn math. Pretty much because we weren’t entirely sure we were actually learning math, we’re just trusting Miss R when she tells you that.

(Miss R here to clear up any casino concerns…we’re choosing cards and trying to find the corresponding numbers on the dice, also rolling the dice and finding matching cards for those numbers. It’s math-y because we’re learning one to one ratios, we’re learning how and where to find numbers several different ways, we’re learning to recognize numbers by sight as well and practicing counting. We are also improving our fine motor skills every time we turn a card or roll the dice. And hey, if they learn to count the cards in the process, you can thank me later with a portion of their Vegas winnings.)

OK, it’s us again!
After we mathed it up, we spent loads of time in dramatic play! We made excellent use of the costumes and accessories and the doctor kit, too! Miss V came to play with us today and we doctored her right up!

We also made a stained glass window today!
Well, it’s not really a window, you can’t see through it, and it’s not made of glass…but it IS made of paper and it’s really beautiful!
We pushed two of the tables together and covered them with kraft paper, then glued lots of bits of tissue paper! We may cut the giant piece of art into smaller ones…a tiny stained glass window for each of us, perhaps?

The rain has made us VERY sleepy, we read Yes Day! and The Napping House and talked quite a bit about how we were just as sleepy as the Granny, child, dog, cat, and mouse in the Napping House, where everyone is sleeping.
And guess what!?!
After lunch we are the Napping House in Sound Stage…where EVERYONE is sleeping.


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