We did our illustrations!
Miss R and Miss J acted like it was going to be a big deal, like it would take a long time.
But guess what!?! It didn’t! We were able to illustrate each page of our book it didn’t even matter that Miss J and Miss R were reading our words to us as we drew the pictures.

We colored our title pages and the front covers of the books first, then we moved into the pages, Miss R read each sentence we wrote as we turned the pages and made new pictures for the words.

We decided to share our titles with you, but not who’s book is which. We want to see if you can guess!

Choo Choo Train!
At the Carwash
Mommy in the Snow
The Airplane Book
Monster Truck in the Mud
Strawberry Shortcake Comes to My House

Miss J and Miss R helped us write our bios. (Miss R said these will go on the back of the book so everyone who reads the book will know about us. She said that most authors have them on their books in case people want to know about them.)
We told her how old we are, where we live, and who lives with us. We also told her what we like to do for fun. We figured that as our Mommies and Daddies, you already know all that stuff about us, but Miss J said other people might read our books too, and they would want to know about us.

All of our friends are not at school today, so the friends who aren’t here will be working on this when they come back, but we will be patient while they work and maybe we can even help them since we’re already experienced authors and illustrators!


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