art and books

Miss K came for art class today! We are painting on lots of different surfaces, today we painted on pages that were kind of bumpy and kind of sticky. Miss K said it was stuff to line kitchen drawers with. Miss J and Miss R seemed to understand what that means, but we just loved painting on it!

While some of our friends were at art class, the rest of us were going over our stories and coming up with titles for our books. Then Miss R asked us LOADS of questions about us so she could write our “bios”. Apparently bios are something that go on the back of a book to describe the author, it’s short for biographies.
Hey! We are the authors! That’s why the bios are filled with stuff from those questions!
How cool is that!?!

Those of us who were not here yesterday will try to do our illustrations this afternoon after we come in from outside, if we don’t get to it then, we’ll be able to do it tomorrow morning!

One of us asked to go to the field, and several of us pointed at the scooter and said, “We can’t go to the field because of Miss R’s foot!” So we went to the playground and guess what we found? Science Lab friends! AND!!! The other Miss J was BLOWING BUBBLES!!!! We were SOOOOOO excited!!

Miss J and Miss R did something really tricky when we came inside and after we washed our hands. We sat on the couch and Miss R pulled out a book we LOVE! And guess what!?! THEY TOOK TURNS READING TO US!
Fox in Socks read by BOTH Miss R and Miss J!
We all laughed so hard when their tired tongues tripped over the words!
It was the most fun!! Especially the end when Mr Knox put the Fox in the beetle battle bottle!


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