“goats”, rope, a spooky door, and saying goodbye

Wow we were busy in Sound Stage today!
Early this morning, we were putting our fine motor skills to the test by learning to tie knots in yellow nylon rope. Even though Miss R helped us make sure we had a good knot, it kept coming undone because the rope was very slippery.
Then we searched for “same” and “different” on cards with jack o lanterns (pretty Halloweeny right?) and hearts. Also with goats, which we somehow decided looked a LOT like unicorns.

We found out that LJ is leaving our class this week on Thursday. We are VERY sad for our friend to leave our school family, but happy for him because he’s excited to live nearer his Pop Pop!
Our books took a back seat to starting a goodbye book for LJ and planning our Halloween door decorations.

Don’t worry though, we’re going to get right back on our books tomorrow!
Most of us have illustrated both the cover and inside pages and we’re working on getting our words on the pages.
Miss J and Miss R have worked really hard with us on this project, even though they didn’t write their own books, we hope they get their library cards so they can go in the treehouse library too!

For LJ’s book, we all drew pictures for him and then told Jay what we made for LJ and she wrote it down. Next we’ll make sure there are LOTS of fun pictures to include then we’ll build the book and give it to LJ on his last day!

Our Halloween door is for the school contest! We’re doing something REALLY awesome! We kind of want to keep what it is a secret, but we can tell you that each of us laid down on the floor in a crazy position and Miss J and Miss R took our picture…when you see how cool it turns out it’s going to make sense…until then…just be excited!
We sure are!

Miss R told us a story about three witch sisters who had a French cat called Philippe. In the story the sisters were getting ready for Halloween. The way Miss R was telling the story, it sounded like the witch sisters were going to be scary and mean. But you know what!?! They LOVED Halloween and they loved when children came trick or treating! The oldest sister witch who stirred and stirred the cauldron was just making caramel! We thought for sure she was going to cook the children!

Miss R and Miss J asked us to remind you that layers are best for us to wear when the weather is turning cooler. Big jackets aren’t as easy because it might seem cold, but we get hot running, jumping, climbing and playing on the playground…so please help us have lots of good layers!
Also, please make sure our change of clothes is weather appropriate, if we get wet or dirty and need to change our clothes, shorts and tee shirts or little dresses just won’t keep us warm anymore!

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