and now for something completely different

Miss K came for art class today! GUESS WHAT WE DID!?! We used mirrors to PAINT OURSELVES! It was SO COOL!
We stood over the mirror with a dollop of each paint color above our head and a paintbrush in our hand. Miss K told us to look in the mirror and paint what we saw. We started out painting our faces, but ended up being WAY more creative! There were trees and rainbows a cat. and even a monster truck!
We had so much fun painting the mirrors! It was really cool to watch our faces and the faces of our friends faces while we painted! We think we’re going to see if Miss J and Miss R will let us paint like this more often!

We had a very quick morning meeting after we came back in from the playground and washed our hands. Because we had art during our project time, we didn’t get to do anything on our own books or for Liam’s goodbye book. BUT we did do something kind of cool!
We made up a story all TOGETHER!
We each said one sentence to make a Sound Stage story!
This is how it went:

Miss R:Once upon a time there was a small cat.
Miss J: That didn’t like wearing rainboots.
EY: He didn’t want to fall asleep.
XT: Ad then he eats some bugs.
JH: The cat just didn’t like bats.
DA: The cat got stuck in the mud.
SS: He fall down in the mud.
ZB: He got caught by a spiderweb.
TP-W: He reached into his pocket.
VS: He pulled out a tulip. The sticky goo was on the kitty cat. He reached a hammer.
CS: The cat hit the spiderweb with the hammer like this, (mimes swinging a hammer) and it fell down.
KR: He fall somewhere…to the mountain!
LJ: He pulled a spiderweb out of the mud and got on a train.

Miss R and Miss J think we should create a classroom story each week and make our own book of short stories. They seem pretty excited about this.


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