cold and rainy Wednesday

We did not let the rain keep us from having fun and learning cool stuff!

This morning we played with cards. Did you know a deck of cards has both numbers AND letters!?! We just figured that out! So not only were we doing math, we were doing language arts too! Pretty much because we ROCK!

Miss R showed us how the number written on the card match the number of big shapes on the card…for example a card with three big red hearts has the number 3 printed on it. Because there are three hearts!
We LOVED this game!!
Some of us know our numbers and some of us don’t, but this is a way we can either learn or reinforce what we already know!

KR-J taught us a GREAT game today! She called it “two of them match and one of them don’t match” We ended up calling it “one of these doesn’t belong” because friends were still arriving when we were playing the game and it was the easiest way to explain how to play. How you play is: you say three things, two are related in some way but the third one isn’t so you have to decide which one doesn’t belong!
It goes like this: pillow, wheel, blanket.
Now you have to figure out which one doesn’t belong…it’s OK, we’ll wait for you.

OK we waited long enough, we’re going to tell you! The WHEEL doesn’t belong!!!
Now when we played this morning, Miss R asked us why the thing didn’t belong, so we’re going to tell you. The pillow and blanket go in your bed, the wheel does not go in your bed and THAT’S why it doesn’t belong!!

We were pretty mathy today in Sound Stage because our centers were based on shapes. Squares and rectangles to be exact.
Miss J asked us to find something in the classroom that was a square or a rectangle, so we chose these things: legos (rectangles), tiles (squares), penguins (the ice bricks look kind of like squares to us and Miss J and Miss R agreed), magnets (squares), blocks (both squares AND rectangles) and chalkboards (rectangles). The cool thing about the chalkboards is they are in the art and writing center but they’re still mathy because of the shape!
(But we’re about to figure out that letters are made up of shapes too, so pretty much that will blow our minds! But we haven’t gotten there yet.)

We also had a dance party today! Since we couldn’t go outside because it was cold and rainy, we ROCKED OUT to music, we danced alone and together and had SO much fun! We especially loved “Walking on Sunshine” because it was funny since it’s raining outside!

We’ve been finishing up our books…it’s almost time for library cards!
We’ve LOVED this unit on the care and keeping of books…we’re ready to be the BEST library goers you’ve ever seen!!

We hope your cold and rainy Wednesday has been half as awesome as ours!

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