busy busy busy

We are so sorry we haven’t written to you the last couple of days, we have been SO busy we just haven’t had a chance to tell you what we’re doing!
Miss J and Miss R have been staying in at naptime to work on the door decorations and finish up our assessments that we can’t sneak to the computer to tell you about our day.

Every one of us has finished our book. (Well, one of us has not, but that friend was out of school sick so it’s OK.) We will be sharing our books with our class the beginning of next week and then we can bring them home for you to see.
You know what that means!?!

Friday we each put our fingerprint (or thumbprint) on the library card, even Miss R and Miss J!! There are a couple of us who haven’t been to school since then so we’re going to make sure the last ones get printed as SOON as they come back to school.
Monday we wrote our names on our library cards! Because we’re AWESOME!!
The last of the friends who need to write their names can do that as soon as they come back to school, too.
Miss R said we have to laminate them before we can use them. We didn’t understand what that meant so she showed us something laminated and explained that it would keep the cards safe.
Speaking of safe, we decided how we wanted to keep our cards safe while we’re not in the library. Miss R asked if we thought they’d be safer all together or if we each kept our own card. We decided we wanted to keep our own cards safe. Miss R expressed concern about that but promised she and Miss J would help us come up with a good plan to keep them safe when we weren’t in the library.
Miss R reminded us that if we lose our library card, we can’t go into the treehouse library. That we’ve shown we know how to take care of books, but we have to keep taking care of our library card to show we remember. So we have to keep our cards safe so we can go up to the library!
We’ve GOT this!

In case you didn’t notice, Miss R is wearing two shoes again and we all know what that means…YEP! GOING TO THE FIELD!!

It’s a great time to be in Sound Stage!

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