trick or treating 101

Miss R and Miss J told us to “get it together” quite a little bit today. We have had a bit of a hard time staying focused and following directions. We’re not quite sure why, but Miss J and Miss R think it’s because “Indian Summer” is over and tomorrow is Halloween…they don’t really think it’s OK that we’re struggling to keep each other safe, but they seem to understand it.

We talked about Halloween during our meeting this morning this is what we had to say:
You get CANDY!
You knock on doors and say trick or treat!
I have candy at my house for the trick or treaters.
Miss R asked us to explain exactly how Halloween works this is what we told her:
First you wear your costume.
Then you get your pumpkin bucket.
Yeah, that’s for your candy!
Miss R: Oh, good idea, we need a place to put the candy.
Then you walk up to the house and knock on the door.
Sometimes you ring the doorbell.
Miss R: What happens when somebody answers the door?
Then they give you candy!!
Miss R: Wait? You’re saying all I have to do is get dressed up and carry a pumpkin and knock on people’s doors and say trick or treat and they give me candy?
But you’re too big.
Miss R: I am? (Sad face.)
Yeah, but you could take some candy from a kid.
That’s not very nice.
Miss R: (Shocked face!) No, it isn’t very nice!
If you did take my candy you have to say sorry.
Miss R: I would NEVER take your candy, but if I did, I would absolutely say sorry.
There was lots of nodding.
Then Miss R said: So if I’m too big to trick or treat, and I won’t take candy from children, how can I get candy?
We puzzled over this for a bit and then Miss J said:
You can have the candy that’s at YOUR house for the trick or treaters!!
Miss R nodded and told us she thought that was an excellent idea!
Then she asked us a REALLY tricky question:
Do you trick or treat at your own house?
We looked at her and looked at each other.
Miss R said: I always had my girls trick or treat first at home then around the neighborhood, and then at home again before they came in for the night.

We think that is a GREAT idea!
Please help us remember to trick or treat at our own house please! Oh yeah, please make sure we get our favorite candy too. Thank you!!

Then guess what we did!?!
We made MONSTERS!!
It was SO cool! We used cans from our recycling bin (we knew saving those this summer would come in handy!) then we glued tissue paper on them…this took a loooooooooong time and we got REALLY sticky fingers. When we were finished, Miss J helped us glue on googly eyes and scary teeth!
Wait till you see our SUPER COOL MONSTERS!!
Sound Stage is SUPER SPOOKY for Halloween!!


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