Happy Halloween

WOW! We partied like ROCK STARS today!

We started out with a dance party in Sound Stage, we danced the macarena and then other teachers and administrators came and showed us how to dance the electric slide! That was pretty cool! We danced and danced till our feet got tired!

We moved our tables to make room for Mr B’s music class. He couldn’t set up in the plaza because there was a SPOOKY obstacle course waiting for us to explore! Mr B decided since it was Halloween he would do music class for ALL of us! It was SO FUN! He told us a story and this is what we learned from it…MONSTERS AREN’T REAL!!

When we went out to learn about the obstacle course, we found we had to crawl under the spooky forest, then through tubes into a spooky house and ride scooters on our tummy and THEN we had to crawl through a GREAT BIG SPIDERWEB! It was SO COOL!!!

We just had lunch and are about to take a nap. After nap we’re going to eat our super cool and spooky snack before we get into our costumes for trick or treating!
Remember we have to have a parent here with us to trick or treat around the school!

Did you know Miss R is dressed up like a baby today!?! Did you know Miss J is dressed up like a minion!?!
Here are what we’re going to dress up as:
a dinosaur
a construction worker
a unicorn
Elsa (two of us are being Elsa)
a cowboy
a rain cloud
and Anna

Today is the BEST Sound Stage day!!

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