We got our library cards today!
We got them right before lunch so we haven’t been able to enjoy time in the tree house library yet, but we’re ready to go right after snack!
Miss J and Miss R said the gate will NEVER again be up at the top of the stairs to the tree house library because we are safe keepers of books!
But they did say sometimes when kids from other classes are here, we might not be able to use the library because those kids might not be as careful with books as we are. We are going to encourage our friends to treat books with respect and take good care of them so they can enjoy being in our tree house library too!

Miss R went shopping for our classroom over the weekend and bought new baby dolls, they’re soft and cuddly and they all have clothes! She got new books too! One of the books has little dolls that go with it so today Miss R read The Frog Prince and Miss J acted out the story with the little dolls! We also got two new matching games.
This morning we played with the one that goes with The Frog Prince.
Did you know matching games develop our premath skills?
Actually, this particular game is both math AND language arts related because the game itself is math-y but because it goes with a book, it’s also language art-y.
Miss J and Miss R are pretty tricky like that, getting us to learn when we’re not even realizing we’re learning!

We are SUPER lucky to be in Sound Stage and we work hard to have fun and learn cool stuff!


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