Finally we can email you again!
Did you know that Miss J and Miss R stayed in the classroom each day last week!?! They had to finish getting ready for conferences and do the journals, and because they never left the classroom at naptime, we never got to send you emails about our day!
UGH! We were like: Miss R and Miss J, we’re going to need for you to get it together!

So here’s what we did last week when we couldn’t write to you:
We talked about families. We talked about our families at home and our family here at school.
Here are some things we discussed about families:

Miss R asked: Where is your family?
All: At home.
SS: My family is in London. (He put his Granny on the plane home to London that very morning.)
VS: My family is far away.

Miss R asked: How do you know it’s your family?
Xander: If you know it’s your family then you hug them. You know it’s your family when you’re taking family pictures.
Riley: Three can make a family.
Jay: When you laugh together.

Robyn asked: Are all families the same?
All: No.
XT: Some families are different colors.
VS: Mommies take pictures.
SS: My family is two families. (He’s referring to his Granny in London and his family at home.)
KR-J: That they don’t live with you.
XT: You’re M’s mommy.
Miss R: Yes I am M’s mommy.
Miss J: My family speaks different languages.
Does anybody else’s family speak different languages?
EY: My family does.
DA: Me too.
XT: My dadddy and my grandma speak Awah (We’re not sure we’re spelling this right, sorry.)

Miss R: Sometimes families have moms, dads, and kids, but not all the same moms, dads and kids.
Miss J: I have step parents.
Miss R: I am a step parent.
EY: I have two grandparents.
KR-J: I have four grandparents.

Miss R: What else do we know about families?
KRn: I have Rusty at my home.
RM: I go on adventures with my family.
VS: Some families have lots of kids.

Then we talked about grandparents and Robyn asked if we had special names for our grandparents:
EY: Papa and Grandma
DA: Babcia (We might not have spelled that right, sorry.)
XT: GiGi
SS: Granny and Grandpa
R-J: Grandma and Grandpa
TP-W: Grandma and Grandpa
JH: Grandma and Pop Pop
RM: I want to do my mom: Mom
KR: Geema and Geepa (Again with the spelling(?) sorry.)
AG: Grandma and Pop Pop
Miss J: Pop Pop and Mamma Josie
Miss R: Grandaddy

We did show and share with our things that start with F. This was BIG fun! We like show and share and we’re going to do it EVERY THURSDAY!

Miss J and Miss R showed us the COOLEST thing on Friday! Our “Morning Meeting Board”! Wait till you see how cool it is! There are jobs and weather and a SUPER cool calendar that WE painted the numbers for!

We used it today to talk about what month and day it is.
Did you know today is Monday? We did! You know what that means?
Time for the Weekend Update!
Here’s what we did this weekend:
VS: I played with my mommy and I cuddled with my mommy and sleeped on her shoulders.
JH: I wear my princess dress and it was Sofia the First and I just freaked out and throwed a fit.
XT: I went to sleep and I work up. I went outside on my playground and I got LOTS of candy on my playground.
KR: How about…I went to the zoo with Jason and Mommy. I saw an elephant and he was stinky and gross. J and I looked at the – we had a red stroller – huh – and Mommy ride the carousel.
SS: I just go to the haircut and I ate a orange lollipop and then I go home and played with toys.
TP-W: Mommy, Papa, and C.
RM: I played with blocks with my mom. But my dad had to go to work. Sometimes, my dad has to go to work.
JK: I saw Miss R at the store.
CA: Played with my mom. My dad wasn’t there. My dad watched the zombie movie on his phone.
DA: I played my daddy. I get a new house. I help my daddy the boxes.
ZB: I played with my mommy.
Miss C: I took care of my sick baby and we watched Frozen.
Miss R: I went to IKEA Saturday. And on Sunday, I saw JK with her daddy at Target then we went to the movies.

Miss J isn’t at school today because Baby L is sick. Feel better soon, Baby L so your mommy can come back to our class!
Uh oh! Miss R just saw us at the computer…we have to hurry back to our cots now!

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