a cold and rainy Thursday

Here’s what we’re talking about in Sound Stage right now:
The letter E.

On the family front, we collected twigs and branches when we went to the field yesterday.
Wait a minute!! That’s our favorite news!! WE WENT TO THE FIELD!!! It’s the first time we’ve been able to go since Miss R’s foot surgery! We had SO MUCH FUN!
But on our way there and our way back we found twigs and branches for our family project. Miss R carried the big basket of twigs and Miss J carried all the branches!
Guess what we’re going to make with them?
Can you guess? We hope you can…because we don’t want to spoil the surprise!!
Oh! Miss J and Miss R asked us to remind you about family photos, if we haven’t brought any photos of our family into the classroom we need to do that by tomorrow! We looked at the pictures yesterday and it seems that a LOT of us have brought some!!
We want our project to be ready for the special Thanksgiving celebration on Tuesday, November 25, so please help us bring the photos to school so each of our home families will be represented in our school family!

The letter E is pretty cool! Did you know it makes two sounds? It DOES! It makes the “eeeee” sound and the “eh” sound. So things like elephant and egg make the “eh” sound and things like eagle and each make the “eee” sound.
We had show and share today! We shared an elephant, an egg, and an etch a sketch!
It was pretty cool!

We are beginning to become interested in the weather, we noticed that it was very cloudy and breezy today. We are talking about the weather on our morning meeting board…CS helped with the weather today, RG helped with the date and we all helped count how many friends were at school today…13 friends…in English AND Spanish! That’s because we’re awesome.

We heard Miss R say to Miss J that if we keep being interested in the weather, we’re going to make it our next project. We’re not sure if that’s what we want to do for sure, but we think it sounds pretty cool.


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