tricky: a word we use a LOT

Tricky is a word we use a LOT in Sound Stage!
And today was a tricky day!
First, Miss R came back to school from being sick. Yay Miss R! Second, Miss J came to school earlier today. Yay Miss J! This means we have more time with BOTH Miss R and Miss J in the classroom together! We think we’ll be able to have even MORE fun and learn even MORE cool stuff! Third, we have so many friends home from school today, we know two of them are sick, one has a sick sibling and is staying home to hang out…we sure hope the rest of our friends aren’t sick!
We all have weird coughs, sniffles…all that yucky stuff. You know what that means? Washing our hands EVEN MORE! We need to make SURE we stay safe and healthy!

It was all about science this morning…
We had rocks and magnifying glasses, we used tweezers to choose and hold the rock while we looked at it through the magnifying glass. THIS WAS SO COOL!
Some of the rocks are sparkly some are smooth, some are rough and some are just plain boring. But it was neat to see them up close with the magnifying glass. It was also cool to pass the rocks to our friends with the tweezers!

Miss J and Miss R thought we could begin construction of our family project, if we could build it today, when our friends come back we can fix the family photos.
We wanted to do an art project, and since we couldn’t jump right in with the family project because Miss J needed to make it safe for us to work with the materials, we got to do the coolest thing!!
We used oil pastels RIGHT ON THE TABLES! (Tricky)
We colored.
We wrote.
We drew pictures.
Miss R came around and wrote each of our names in the space where we were working and we talked about the letters. We tried to write our names, some of us even tried to write our name of our friends too!
Miss J started to sort the materials and Miss R went to tidy the treehouse library (because we have not been taking the best care of it…we are working hard to take better care of our books and their home)

Then we cleaned the table with baby wipes! It took a little more “elbow grease” (Miss J taught us that expression.) than we were prepared for. (Tricky)
We learned some thing VERY IMPORTANT today.
When you have fun, learn cool stuff and play hard…you have to clean hard too.
And boy did we clean hard!

We started talking about Christmas at the lunch tables today.
Miss R asked us what came before Christmas?
CS said: Giving!
Miss R said: Yes, Thanksgiving.
But we wanted to bypass that and get straight to Christmas.
Here are some of the things we said:
First there’s snow, then it’s Christmas.
Santa comes!
I love Christmas.
Me too.
Santa will bring me a BIG present!
Then we began to sing Jingle Bells.

This inspired Miss J and Miss R to ask us how we celebrate Christmas and other holidays.
We talked about presents and trees and Santa.
Then Miss R asked Miss J if this was the natural progression (what does that even mean?) of our family project. She said that we were fascinated by the differences in families (we totally are!) and wondered if we could examine our differences by learning how all our families celebrate the holidays.
We’re not entirely sure what they’re getting up to, but we like the way it sounds.
See! Even our teachers are tricky!
We are SO lucky!

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