school family tree

We were busy today in Sound Stage!

Our family tree is SO cool!
We started attaching our family photos onto our school family tree.
We talked about who is in our photos and why they’re our family. We talked about how our home families came together to create our school family, and by putting all our photos together on a tree here at school we can show all our families together!
We are a school family!

We exercised our fine motor skills by working really hard to thread the wire through the pictures and twist the wire to the branches of the tree.
Miss J and Miss R told us our fine motor skills are really important…we believe them, but we were more excited to bend the wire than worry about how we were learning.

school family tree

school family tree

We also read a book called Happy Thanksgiving, Emily!
Before Miss R read the book, she asked if we knew what holiday was this week.
Some of us said Thanksgiving.
She asked what we do on Thanksgiving.
XT said: Be thankful.
Miss R asked what does that mean, be thankful.
XT said: We pray.

Miss R read the story and the kids in the story were talking about what they’re thankful for so we started talking about what we’re thankful for.
This is what we said:
TK: eyes
XT: Mommy and Daddy
JH: bunny rabbits
EY: babies
SS: for welcome
JK: Momma and my Dad
TP-W: Mommy and Daddy
KR: For Mommy and Daddy
CA: My Mommy and My Daddy
DA: My Daddy
SL: I eat turkey!
ZB: I’m thankful for my Mommy and Daddy.
VS: I’m thankful for fall.
CS: My Dad
Miss R: That I’m loved and feel safe.
Miss J: For (baby) L and the people who love me that aren’t in my family.

We can’t wait to celebrate with our home families AND school family tomorrow!

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