the snowy day


Can you see the snow at work like we can at school!?!?!?!
We are SUPER excited about the snow!
Many of us said something to the effect of: It’s snowing! Now Santa is going to come!
Miss R told us Santa won’t come for another month…also that it doesn’t always snow at Christmas. We’re not sure she knows what she’s talking about…just because she’s almost always right about other stuff doesn’t mean she’ll be right about this. We’re going to hold out snowy hope for Santa.
We have had a pretty low key day…but that’s good!
We read some books. Did you know we know some of the words for Where the Wild Things Are? We also know that when Max is King of the Wild Things and feels lonely and wants to be where he’s loved the most, that means he wants to be home with his family.
Reading about the Wild Things and Knuffle Bunny stimulated conversations about similar things that happen in real life. Not that we have a private boat or live in NYC, but getting in trouble at home like Max, or losing our favorite lovey like Trixie.
Did you know that these text to self connections are VERY important literacy skills?
It wasn’t just a literacy kind of day though…
We built super long trains out of legos and built elaborate structures to run the marbles through and built big castles with magnet tiles and even bigger castles of wooden blocks.
This kind of play is really us practicing our math skills. We need to use appropriate spatial planning to built a structure that remains sound. We create patterns of color and size as we make our super long trains. We learn about resistance when we are building with the magnet tiles.
Tricky Miss J and Miss R are doing it again…teaching us when we don’t even realize it!
Miss R and Miss J asked us to tell you they send much love and wish us all a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

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