cupcakes, tie dye socks, and soupe au fromage

We have a sneaky feeling that Miss J and Miss R are tricking us…even though we’re learning about cooking, we still find ourselves learning about families!

We read a book today about a cupcake that wasn’t as fancy as the other cupcakes in his FAMILY and this made him really sad. His candle friend who wasn’t as fancy as the other candles in his FAMILY decided to help him feel better.
Did you notice a theme there?
Yeah we did too.
But it was actually pretty cool because the story of the cupcake was fun and we liked seeing how the candle and cupcake families were made up of so many different individuals.
We’re going to read it again and do a “cupcake decorating project” and that sounds SUPER fun to us!
Miss R brought us socks today. When she gave them to us Miss J asked what we knew about them. We pretty much told them they were socks. But then they started asking specific questions about this time of year and how our FAMILIES are decorating our homes…and we figured it out!! These aren’t just socks, they’re STOCKINGS!
We’re going to tie dye them this afternoon and then hang them here to help decorate our classroom!
We read another book today called The Mice of Bistrot des Sept Freres. If that doesn’t make any sense to you, it’s because part of the title is in French!
But WE know what it means…because we read the story!
It’s the Bistro of the Seven Brothers! There is a chef who’s soupe au fromage (Ask us what this means PLEASE!!!! because we DO know and we’ll be SO excited to tell you!!) is the best soupe au fromage in all of France. This chef has seven sons all called Jean-something and one daughter, Petite Michelle, who all work in his restaurant.
We LOVED this book!
We did notice that it is about cooking but also about a FAMILY too!
We even learned how to make the famous soupe au fromage!! We are going to make it in class and eat it for snack!
We couldn’t go outside because the playground is still WAY too wet, so we played two games that let us use our bodies in GREAT BIG ways!
Miss R danced the Hokey Pokey with us and then we played freeze dance. Freeze dance was harder than we expected it to be…we had a REALLY hard time freezing when the music stopped.
We had a SUPER GREAT Sound Stage day and hope you had a great day too!

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