weekend update

SS came to school this morning and told Miss R his favorite day is Monday because he gets to come to school! Then they had a big hug!

 We have had a really great day!
Miss J is on a mini-break and won’t be back to school until Thursday. We miss you Miss J but we’re glad you’re having fun in ‘Vegas, baby’!
We were SUPER chatty during meeting this morning. We were talking with Miss M, getting to know her and helping her get to know us. She’s here with us while Miss J is away.
We talked about our weekends and here’s what we had to say:
JK: I made cookies! (When asked what kind, she didn’t remember, but said there were two kinds.)
TK: I stayed at home and played with my race cars.
ZB: I played with my trains.
SS: I saw my sister and brother (his cousins) and we jumped on the bed!
CA: I always like playing in my playroom in my basement.
RM: I played with my mom. I can’t remember, but I think I played blocks.
KR: I just played at the park with my mommy.
JH: I played with my mommy. The round thing. And the twirling thing comes out when you turn the wheel.
DA: I played with Miss R and ate pizza!
TP-W: I played with my papa.
VS: I played with my daddy and my mommy and Felicity. But she spit up in my room when I was trying to get dressed for school.
EY: I went grocery shopping and played with my mommy. We played cards.
Miss M: I had a nice weekend at my daughter’s house. We went shopping and got everyone in our family the same ornament. We ate lunch in Occoquan and I had a ruben sandwich and my daughter ate a crab sandwich. We made special baby toys for baby Elizabeth.
Miss R: I came to school for a first aid and CPR class then I babysat DA and we ate pizza. I wrapped a LOT of presents and did a little Christmas shopping with Ben and Cam and Gabe. When we went to lunch we saw Miss J! (Not our Miss J, the other Miss J) That was really cool!
Since our letter of the week is R we talked about R words:
Miss R
rolly polly
We read a book called Robots Robots Everywhere. Thanks DA for sharing your book with us!
We even used corks to paint…with red paint of course!
We read Cupcake again and we’re going to read The Mice of Bistrot des Sept Freres after we have snack. We’re getting excited about our Pajama Day of Deliciousness!
It is a spectacular day to be in the Sound Stage school family!


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