a snoring bear and jingle bells

We had art with Miss K today! We practiced our ‘Bear Snores On’ performance. We totally ROCKED it!
Miss R said we “knocked it out of the park” and XT knew that was a baseball reference.

We also worked to create our costumes for the performance…we worked REALLY hard to make them JUST RIGHT!
We can hardly wait for you to see us being bears, badgers, ravens, hares, (Did you know that was another word for bunny? We do!) mice, and wrens!

We read The Mice of Bistrot des Sept Freres again today, and guess what!?! Most of us know that cheese soup is called soupe au fromage! AND…we are beginning to remember some of the other ingredients that the brothers put in the soup…did we tell you that all the brothers are called Jean-Something? EVERY SINGLE ONE!

Miss R asked us to thank you all for volunteering to bring things for our Pajama Day of Deliciousness next week! She asked us to let you know EVERYTHING has been volunteered for except a baguette. So if one of you will please say you’re going to bring a baguette (sliced, please and thank you) we will have absolutely EVERYTHING we need to make our soup and ice and decorate our cupcakes!

Because it’s so cold and rainy, we didn’t get to go outside…BUT…we danced to some very cool Christmas music…WITH THE JINGLE BELLS!
We also did some yoga with Miss M, it wasn’t the same as Miss J’s yoga, but it was pretty good.
We hope the weather sorts itself out soon so we can go play outside.

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