Welcome Back, Sound Stage! So many of us were out during the holidays but we’re back to school in force today!

Happy Birthday, RM!
Today we celebrated RM’s birthday! She is FOUR!! How cool is that!?!
We each decorated a strip of paper to create her “birthday skirt” and she made herself a birthday hat! We decorated the rocking chair especially for RM to sit in during story time!

We were SUPER BUSY today!!

We are starting our unit on art to help us get ready for the art show. The artist we chose is Yuliya Vladkovska. She was born in the Ukraine. Did you know that’s in Europe? We do! Miss R showed us where we are in America and where Europe is. There is a WHOLE OCEAN between us!! We have a map of Ukraine in our classroom with some of Yuliya’s art work and the place (we can’t really say it but we’re learning to try) where she was born is highlighted yellow.
We’re going to be making some COOL art in the style of hers for the art show!

We’re reviewing the letters F E D R P and B this week…that means on Thursday we can show and share something that starts with ANY one of those letters!

We are SO EXCITED to begin this unit on art! We’re going to learn so much new cool stuff! We can’t wait to share it with you!!

Even though it was VERY cold, we went outside for a little while this morning. Please remember to bring us coats every single day. Even though we only go from home to the car and then from the car into school and we don’t really need a big coat for that, we try to get outside each day and we need more than sweatshirts!

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