the arty snow day

The snow made everything a BIG adventure this morning!

We watched out the window once it was light enough to see the snow falling! We watched the snow fall and got more and more excited as it kept coming down!

We learned about the color wheel during morning meeting. We know that red, yellow, and blue are called primary colors and that ALL the other colors are made from them!
This lead to a discussion about our favorite colors, which was pretty cool.

We painted our own color wheels! Miss R showed us how yellow and blue make green. Then she showed us how blue and red make purple (well actually it’s called violet) Then she showed us how red and yellow make orange.
After that it was OUR TURN!!
We LOVED making our color wheels! It was SO fun to explore the colors! You can see these pictures on our Shutterfly page!

Miss K came for art class too! She brought copies of one of Yuliya’s pictures and we practiced coloring it. Today we used colored pencils, next week we’re going to try a different medium! We’re going to practice on our own copies until the end when we work all together on a BIG copy for the art show!

We are going to use some pre-made color wheels and also color specific shapes specific colors on ready made pages.
Miss R and Miss J are a little concerned that we’re using “coloring pages” but the goal of the color wheel and shape coloring sheets is to give us practice coloring specific things specific colors. Also to give us practice coloring INSIDE the lines. These are VERY important skills for us to practice before we create our own Yuliya inspired pieces.

Have you used Google to check Yuliya out yet? You should! She’s pretty awesome!
Also, check out our “Gallery Wall” over by the cubbies to see Yuliya’s art, some of our Yuliya inspired sculptures, the color wheel and a very cool eyeball!


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