we learned a new word today

The word we learned is: mayhem!
We learned it because our art shelf fell down yesterday, spraying paint and glass everywhere! We were all safe, but it was pretty messy.
So today, we worked at getting the art and writing center put back together. This project took a REALLY long time! (And we’re still not all the way finished.)
We’re not going to use that same shelf again, we’re going to get a new one. A stronger one.
A super-strong-and-not-at-all-falling-down shelf for our paint! WOO HOO!

Today is JH’s birthday! Happy Happy Birthday, JH!
We made beautiful strips of paper for her skirt and she designed her hat and we all sang happy birthday while she sat in the newly decorated rocking chair!!
To celebrate her birthday, JH’s mommy brought us all the things we needed to make salt dough! We LOVED it! We had fun using our fine motor skills to create our own sculptures. When we were making these sculptures we said things like:
I’m making pancakes
I’m making chicken
I’m making this for JH
I made Mickey Mouse
I made this big thing here

If you brought our snow clothes this morning thank you SO much for being good direction followers, but we’re sad to say it was WAAAAAAAAAY too cold to go outside in the snow…so we’re hoping for next time!

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