we’re pretty awesome

We investigated two new art mediums at meeting this morning. Charcoal and a kneading eraser. The charcoal was like a piece of black chalk, but instead of being round, it was square! It rubbed off on our fingers making them black. BUT when we were able to try out the kneading eraser, guess what happened? It got the charcoal off our fingers! How cool is THAT!?!

We talked a lot about these two art mediums, mostly about the way they felt when we held them. This is what we had to say about the charcoal and the eraser when Miss J asked us what they felt like:
It was sticky in the back. Gooey.
It felt sticky. It felt gooey.
The kneading eraser feels gooey to me. The charcoal was gooey too.
It’s squishy! The eraser. The charcoal is squishy.
The charcoal is hard and the other thing is gooey.
The charcoal felt very soft. It felt very very very hairy.
Um…it’s squishy!
It’s soft. Feels sticky.
The charcoal is hard and the eraser is soft.
The eraser is sticky.
The charcoal feels chalky but the eraser feels sticky.
They are sticky.

After meeting we played in the plaza so we could use our bodies in big ways since it is WAAAAAAAAY too cold to go outside!
These are some of the things Miss R observed us doing:
XT: “Who wants to go on an airplane ride?” JK and AG get into the wooden wagon.
JH: Holding EY’s hand as EY walks the obstacle course, “Don’t worry, I gotcha.”
DA: “Beep Beep!” as JK pushes him in the wagon.
XT: “Can I help you push?” JK replies: “Sure!” DA and AG are in the wagon.
JH: To herself as she goes along the obstacle course: “I’m a big kid so I do these.”
JK: To DA in the wagon, “It’s OK baby.” DA replies, “OK baby.”
VS: Riding the rocking horse, “Whoa!”
TC: Runs to Miss R and says, “A snake! It’s coming attack you!” she replies: “Are you sure?” TC: “Yes! RUN!” XT comes with the snake making hissing sounds as the snake slithers on Miss R’s shoe.
AG sets up a picnic with the rocking horse.
ZB: To himself as he finishes the obstacle course: “I did it! I went all the way!”
JK: “We’re going backwards!” as she rides in the wagon with VS while TK pushes them.
JH: “Mr Mailman! Here!” as she hands a cup to TC.
ZB: Quietly to himself, “I’m having FUN!”
DA: Walks up to JH and says, “Hey baby.” JH grins and they each walk their separate way.

Miss J and Miss R think we are pretty awesome. We think it’s because we ARE pretty awesome!

We ran out of time to do show and share this morning, so when we wake up from our naps we’re going to have a quick meeting after snack to discuss our review letters and all the things we brought from home!

We hope you’re having as great a day as we are!

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