bucket dipping

We are sad to report we were bucket dippers today.
What is a bucket dipper you may ask? Well it’s someone who is not being kind or helpful.
We have a book called Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud and we read it to remind ourselves how important it is to be bucket fillers and not bucket dippers.
We want to be bucket fillers but have been serious bucket dippers, we are wondering if it’s because it’s the first week back after the holidays when so many of us were not at school. Or if it’s just a developmental phase we’re all in together.
Miss J and Miss R gave us real buckets to see if that will help us remember. We hope just as much as they do that seeing the buckets will be a way for us to make good choices and fill buckets.

Did you know that if you fill another person’s bucket you will fill your own too? So we’re going to pay attention and work really hard to be bucket fillers so we will each have buckets full of positive energy!

We painted our salt dough ornaments with ACRYLIC paint! And guess what!?! We didn’t spill a DROP! We had to wear smocks to keep our clothes safe because acrylic paint isn’t washable like all the other paints we use.
We used the acrylic paint because ALL our washable paint got lost when the art shelf crashed to the floor. Miss R and Miss J haven’t replaced it because they’re going to get a sturdier shelf for the paint.

We talked about Yulia and her art again this morning! We are getting really good at saying Vladkovska (DA is teaching us because he can say it the best of all the kids!)
We are also getting really good at understanding the difference between portrait, still life, and abstract paintings.
We are going to begin use of new art materials next week and we are SO excited!

Miss J and Miss R gave us homework for the weekend! We have to make sure you know who Yulia Vladkovska is and we have to practice filling buckets.
Please help us do these things so we can come to school on Monday and let them know we did it!

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