too cold to play in the snow

Guess what we did today?
We played!

Yep. We played.
We didn’t have a big lesson, we didn’t follow a set plan. We just played.
In this case, “just” is a very tricky word…it doesn’t mean we “only and nothing better”. In this case “just” means we learned.

We used excellent communication and cooperative skills while playing with the big wooden blocks. We negotiated and planned and disagreed and re-planned.
By working together we:
built huge buildings
ran intricate train systems
raced horses and race cars

We engaged our imaginations when we drew on brown paper bags with markers. We made simple puppets but created elaborate stories about our puppets. We pretended they were:

We developed our imaginative play together but bouncing ideas off each other…by our conversations that started with something as simple as, “Hi, I’m Superman.”

We used our imaginations to turn simple magnet letters and boards into “sandwiches” and “signs” that hung on the chairs.

When we drew, colored, used magnets, and built with blocks, we talked about:
Santa Claus
race cars
wild animals
the Cat in the Hat

We encouraged each other’s imaginative growth.
We encouraged each other’s compromise.
We encouraged each other’s disagreements.
We encouraged each other’s resolutions.

We are problem solvers.
We are elaborate pretenders.
We are authentic learners.

We hope your cold snowy day was as awesome as ours has been!

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