art is taking over our world

​​We see everything as art now and it is really COOL!

Today we tried our hands at oil pastels. These are things we said while we were experimenting:
SS: Red is a primary color.
ZB: And yellow and blue are primary colors, too.
JK: (showing Thomas her art) This is the hot dog and this is the pan.
XT: It’s a monster with bananas.
EY: American flag with dinosaurs.
TC: Monster!
VS: Spiderweb and a wheel around.
TP-W: Blue and pink.
SL: I make a choo choo train.
DA: Wheel barrow and it twists.
RC: I got a crab.
TK: A big big pond.
AG: A cloud.
KR: I’m making Geemaw and Geepaw and Mommy and me!

We talked together after we were finished and here are some things we had to say:
Oil pastels are different than charcoal.
Oil pastel feels gooey.

AG: The oil pastel was hot.
Miss R: It was hot in your hand?
AG: No. After I colored it.

VS: It was kind of gooey. After I colored with it, it was gooey on the paper.
KR: I colored on the paper not the table because I’m a good listener and I followed directions!
XT: They didn’t get my hands dirty!
ZB: The pastel colored my skin. I drew on my forehead on purpose just to see what would happen.
Miss R: Hey! That’s a mixture of art AND science!
TK: It felt fluffy on my paper.

Miss J and Miss R asked us if we liked using the charcoal or oil pastels better and Miss R used the tick marks to count how many of us chose which medium.
This is how it broke down:
five of us liked charcoal better
five of us liked oil pastels better
(and here’s the trickiest part)
four of us liked them exactly the same


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