Foil Art

We switched it up today. Instead of changing our medium we changed our material!
(Notice the “M” words? Yeah, we’re awesome like that.)
We used oil pastels again BUT we used them on the not shiny side of aluminium foil! This was even cooler than we expected it to be!

Here are some of the things we talked about while we created our art:
DA: I draw a Christmas tree.
SS: Me too.
SL: I color around my house.
DA: I’m making a bench.
KR-J: Please pass me the yellow.
RC: Pass the orange…oh! Please.
DA: A big table like this! A BIG HIGH table like a chair.
SL: I drawing my name.
KR-J: Thomas could you please pass me the color purple?
TK: This one?
KR-J: No. Purple. By your hand.
TK rolls the pastel across the table but it gets stuck in the middle. SL picks it up and walks around the table to hand the purple one to KR-J.
KR-J: Thank you SL.
SL: You welcome KR-J.
SL: Hey!
VS: YOU hey!
TK: I drew a lot of tables! Look, twenty one!
KR-J: TP-W, can I see what your hands look like? My hands are messy.
RC: (after studying his art for a moment) Hey! I made a monster.
DA: Um…Miss J…I’m making a bus.
SS: Red is my favorite color.
TK: Can I please have that pink?
DA: This one pink?
TK: Yes please.
DA: (walks around the table to hand it to TK) Here you go, TK.
TK: Thank you.

Check our Shutterfly site to see photos and for more of what we say while we play and learn, remember to check out the new section called ‘observations of authentic learning’.

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