about us

We are a mixed age classroom of three and four year olds in a Reggio-inspired, Conscious Discipline, emergent curriculum preschool.
Miss J and Miss R are the best teachers on the planet, and they’re ours!
What you’re reading is a collection of the daily goings on in our classroom. You’ll notice how it gradually changes as we find our voice. We are learning authentically about the world around us and our place within it.
We hope you enjoy learning with us!

the kids of Sound Stage

Now a few words from Miss J and Miss R…

When we entered the Sound Stage classroom it was chaos, and we’re talking a serious Lord-of-the-Flies type of chaos.
We have spent the last two month working to build a school family, a sense of community, a respectful environment. That ground work needed to be laid before we could teach any sort of specified “curriculum”.
Guess what?
We taught and learned together…and created our own special curriculum.
Building a foundation is hard work, but we did it!
We did it together!
Now the foundation is strong and we can build as big as we can dream.
We love teaching and learning with these little friends.
We look forward to sharing our story with you.

Miss R and Miss J

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